Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are we?

Saveandload is a website that aims to gather a large number of save games on different platforms, starting with PC, Mac, Linux or consoles.

2. Who provides the savegames?

Saveandload is based on the contribution of visitors and its members to provide save games to the community.

3. How do i download a save game from this website?

Downloading a save game from Saveandload is very simple. Just find the game you are looking for, click on it, and click on the Download button. No login is required.

4. I can't find save games for a specific game.

Our community is still growing and day by day new save games are being added, you can click the Request saves button, add your request and surely someone will add it.

5. How do i add a save game to my installed game?

When you click on a save game, there is a field called Instructions. It tells you how to add it to your installed game.

6. Is it safe for me to download a save game from this website?

All the save games are scanned for viruses and other malicious software.

7. How do i add a save game to this website?

It is very simple. Just tap the Login button, create an account and your are ready to go.

8. I forgot my Password, how do i reset it?

If you you forgot the user account password, you can ask for a password reset. Just press the Reset button, enter your E-mail Address and press Continue.