Batman: Arkham City

Saved name: Mr. Freeze Fix Save

Platform: PC

Saved game location: users/.../,AppData/Local/Microsoft/xlive

Additional Info: Non steams version. After Fight with Mr.Freeze - Police station (16% Game progress 4 - save slot): Game progress 2% (story line 7%), 5% (story line 17%), 8% (story line 25%), 16% (story line 54%) Folders saves locations: /Users/"your user name"/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Xlive /Dokuments/WB Games

Thanks to: RedDragius

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  1. Posted by gamer, 10 months ago

    Thanks for sharing this ;)

  2. Posted by Prince1234, 8 months ago

    I have put that save game in the destination folder.....But still I m not able to access the save game

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